Behind the Scenes



The Hedgehugs are the invention of husband-and-wife team, Lucy Tapper and Steve Wilson. Lucy and Steve live in the beautiful Devon countryside with their two little girls and two rabbits (but no hedgehogs – Horace and Hattie keep them busy enough).

Together, Lucy and Steve write down the Hedgehugs’ adventures and then Lucy sketches the pictures. If you look very carefully at the illustrations, you’ll see almost everything pictured in the books has a beautiful pattern. That’s because they’re made up of tiny pieces of soft, snuggly fabric, which Lucy salvaged from her little girls’ baby clothes and photographed. So each book is a scrapbook of their babyhood, as well as an enchanting story.

Lucy loves drawing in the garden and when he isn’t writing, Steve loves to go for bicycle rides. As well as being husband and wife, and colleagues, too, they are also the very best of friends. There is secretly a little bit of Horace and Hattie in them both.

You can find out more about the Hedgehugs were lovingly created by reading the Hedgehugs Sketchbook blog! Every month, Steve and Lucy will share a part of their story, with initial sketches of the loveable Hedgehugs.

Read the first entry here – Life before Hedgehugs

Lucy and Steve also create bespoke and personalised illustrations as well as selling gifts, cards and all manner of lovely things. Visit to have a peek. You can even buy Hedgehugs goodies here, too.

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