Hedgehugs (Book 1)


Horace and Hattie are the very best of friends and enjoy doing everything together. However, there is just one thing they cannot do together… they can’t hug. They’re just too spiky!

This is the first book in the Hedgehugs children’s book series. Horace and Hattie’s first exciting adventure follows their quest to find something to help them hug with adorable results! Hedgehugs has been enjoyed by thousands of children, read on CBeebies bedtime stories by Ben Faulks, shortlisted for The People’s Book Prize & the Heart of Hawick Award and winner of a Bizziebaby Gold Award

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hedgehugs spread2

You can order your copy of Hedgehugs online from Boolino or visit your local bookshop.

You can buy a signed copy of the book from www.fromlucy.co.uk


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