We’re so pleased that our new Hedgehugs board books have both received Bizziebaby gold awards! Bizziebaby send books to their expert team of reviewers and they look at everything that makes up the book: the quality, the story, the pictures, the value and everything else. Both of our board books came out on top! Here are some of the reviews.



“As soon as we took the book out of the packaging we were very excited. The cover is bright and colourful and the picture on the cover is very sweet. The wipeable hardback appealed straightaway! The book is clearly made to a high standard. It is a wipeable, strong cardboard which really stands up against a rambunctious toddler. This book has been read more times than I can count, put in his mouth, thrown across the room and the hedgehogs are kissed on every page! It must be good quality to stand up to all of that and still look new! Straight away my little boy loved the hedgehogs on the front cover. He stroked them and kissed them! He then handed me the book, sat down next to me and said “read”.

An enjoyable book which became a firm favourite after just one read!”

“Lovely little story, which entertained my daughter. My elder children also enjoyed taking a turn reading this to their sister as it isn’t too long. Lovely illustrations and a good quality feel.”

“The illustrations are lovely. My 4 year old also learnt it off by heart and sat reading it quite a bit.Lovely sweet story, they were glad they got a hug in the end. This is a stimulating book for my children. A really gorgeous book and great value for money. I would purchase and certainly recommend.”

Read the full reviews here. 

Buy Hedgehugs board book here.

Hattiepillar BB Cover HR RGB

Horace and Hattiepillar

“The quality of this book is excellent. My children opened the book straightaway to read. The illustrations are great and go well with the story. They both loved this book. Got them asking questions! About how the caterpillar has changed ad why! A really lovely stimulating book. Good consistency throughout the book and kept the little ones hooked! Good value for money. I would purchase and would certainly recommend.”

“The quality is excellent. My daughter loved this story and we read it over and over again. Made her ask questions about the caterpillar and educational too. The illustrations are very good. A lovely story, ideal for my daughter and very enjoyable.”

“The front cover is appealing and would catch my eye in a store. It is well presented and caught Lizzy’s attention and wanted to read it straightaway. The illustrations are good and all fit in well with story. My daughter loves this book and we read it most nights now. The story is good and certainly got Lizzy asking questions about what happens to a caterpillar. A very good book, well written, illustrations are perfect for the story and a great read.”

Read the full reviews here. 

Buy Horace and Hattiepillar board book here.

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