The Hedgehugs’ creators, Lucy and Steve, live in Devon with their two daughters. Before Hedgehugs became a popular hedgehog picture book, Horace and Hattie were just a sketch. When their girls were tiny they loved to play in an old greenhouse in the back garden, where it was warm and they could play outside most of the year. While they played, Lucy would sit on a log and draw in her sketchbook as she watched them.
One morning, as the girls played among the leaves and twigs, Lucy was inspired to draw two little hedgehogs. She named them Horace and Hattie, after her grandparents, and later that day she showed them to her husband. Steve fell in love with them too and decided these two characters should have a story written about them, and so the Hedgehugs were born and they got their very own hedgehog picture book.
These are some of the original line drawings taken from Lucy’s sketchbooks. Lots happens to these pencil sketches before they are ready to appear in the books, but they all begin in exactly the same way: with a pencil, a sketchbook, a sprinkling of inspiration and a lot of imagination.

Hedgehugs Sketchbook blog

Introducing the new Sketchbook Blog! Find out more about Horace and Hattie and their loving creators Steve and Lucy every month when they share a little piece of their story.

Read the first Sketchbook blog entry here – Life before Hedgehugs



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