10th Jul 2015

The question I get asked more than any other is, “How do you come up with your own style?” There are lots of people who are very good at drawing; give them something to copy and they can do it […]

12th Jun 2015

Horace and Hattie are heading to The United States of America this winter! In December the first book Hedgehugs will be published by the prestigious Henry Holt imprint of MacMillan US. We are thrilled that Hedgehugs is having an international impact and hope […]

15th May 2015

Hedgehugs is a Finalist for the People’s Book Prize! Voting has reopened today and even if you have already voted you can vote for your favourite book again! Lucy and Steve would really appreciate as many people as possible showing […]

8th May 2015

Last night the Hedgehugs team attended the Oscar’s First Book Prize party at swanky Soho House in London! We all got dressed up and we were full of nerves and excitement as we mingled with the other nominated authors and […]

10th Apr 2015

Last week we asked you to send in your pictures of Horace and Hattie spotted at the National Trust and it seems quite a few of you managed to find them! Here they are at Stourhead shop: Here they are […]

3rd Apr 2015

As you already know, Horace and Hattie are spending the spring in various National Trust locations across the country. Their many fans have already started to visit them and they are looking forward to many more visitors over the Easter Holidays. […]

20th Feb 2015

We were thrilled when Hedgehugs was announced as a finalist for The People’s Book Prize. Now we are thrilled that the Awards Ceremony this year will be broadcast live on Sky! It is going to be a very fancy affair indeed! Horace and Hattie […]

16th Jan 2015

Jigsaw puzzles are an old favourite past time. Not just for children, but for adults too, there is nothing more relaxing (or sometimes frustrating) then a good jigsaw puzzle. Horace and Hattie love jigsaw puzzles too. They are problem-solving hedgehogs, […]

22nd Dec 2014

Merry Christmas to everyone from Horace and Hattie! Horace and Hattie have had a wonderful year and are looking forward to many more wonderful years to come. Highlights of 2014 include: Hedgehugs rode the Underground this summer! Books on the […]